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אלא לאו בנזירות מרובה וקתני מתחיל ומונה מיד הוא מותיב לה והוא מפרק לה בנזירות בת חמשים יום דיתיב עשרין ואיתילידא ביה צרעת מגלח צרעתו והדר יתיב תלתין יומין דנזיר דהא אית ליה גידול שער

Rather, is it not the case that the mishna is referring to a lengthy naziriteship, and nevertheless it teaches: He starts counting immediately, which indicates that his time as a leper is not included? Rav Sherevya raised the objection and he resolved it: The mishna is referring to a naziriteship of fifty days, in a case where he sat and observed twenty days of his vow, and at that point he developed leprosy. In that case, he shaves for his leprosy, and he again sits for thirty days as a nazirite. The problem of thirty days’ hair growth does not arise in this situation, as at the end of this period there is hair growth of thirty days.

מתיב רמי בר חמא נזיר שהיה טמא בספק ומוחלט בספק

Rami bar Ḥama raised an objection from a mishna (59b): With regard to a nazirite who has uncertain impurity from a corpse and whose status as a confirmed leper is uncertain,